Stop Losing Users.

Provide automated options to reduce churn and track exit feedback.

Replace your “Unsubscribe” button with customized actions to prevent users from leaving and collect their feedback.

--- Automate Everything

No Work Necessary

Create customizable options and actions 
which integrate with Stripe, email, and your application.

Automate processes like contacting support, extending trials, collecting feedback, and more.

Automate Modal

--- Collect Feedback

Gather Insights to Improve

Understand why your users churn and how to stop it.

Easily view interactions and activity, measuring and intervening before it’s too late.

Automate Modal

--- Track Metrics

Make Sense of Your Data

Measure your progress reducing churn and retaining users through an intuitive and easy to understand dashboard.

Track MRR, user churn, revenue saved, and more.

Automate Modal
Easy Install

No developer required.

Just add one line of code to your application.


No designer required.

Choose from variety of 
settings or add custom CSS.


Get notified right away.

Intervene before you lose the customer.

for updates and new integrations.

100% ROI Guarantee

Recover more revenue than BurnChurn costs monthly or we'll refund the difference.